Victor Lirio | Theatremaker


Victor helmed an international production of Harold Pinter's Betrayal opening Repertory Philippines' 87th season with a cast of London-based actors James Bradwell (Shakespeare's Globe, The Royal Court Theatre), James Cooney (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Old Vic, Almeida Theatre), and Vanessa White (The Saturdays, West End's The Lion King) for the play's Manila premiere at the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre. The production featured the works of Pacita Abad and original music by Fabian Obispo.

"This is no ordinary Repertory Philippines production ... It was breathtaking.
"It's like an A24 art film on the RCBC stage."
- Jeeves De Veyra, ABS-CBN News

"Director VICTOR LIRIO takes a bold approach, weaving a fresh perspective into the fabric of Pinter’s timeless, Olivier Award-winning tale ... This shift brings new layers to the story, prompting audiences to explore themes of social and gender inequality alongside the universal nuances of love, betrayal and memory.

“Through this reimagining of Betrayal, LIRIO hopes to expand the legacy of the play by offering a fresh perspective which reminds us that the dynamics of human relationships transcend cultural boundaries.”
- Pauline Joy M. Gutierrez, Business Mirror

"LIRIO's decision to incorporate Filipino references was a bold and refreshing choice, it set the stage for what was to come, hinting at a narrative that would unfold with both grace and intensity."
- Jainor Garcia, The Watch List

“With Emma, reimagined as a second-generation British-Filipino gallery owner exhibiting the works of the late Pacita Abad ... the story became told from Emma's perspective. LIRIO’s rework of Pinter’s piece, putting the three second-generation British-Filipino characters amid a highly competitive professional landscape, albeit implied rather than verbalised subtly added context to the characters and motivation for their choices.

“Another ingenious addition to Pinter’s work was also the improvised first scene which transitions the preset where we see the gallery adorned with stone sculptures ... and then into an exhibition of Abad’s works where the first scene opens. It sets the tone of the play, bringing you to a less solid and phallic world and into the hands of Emma.

“Like appreciating a painting, REP’s Betrayal invites audiences to an intimate look at love ... and its hidden details one would discover with gratification and shock.”
- Franz Sorilla IV, Tatler

“In an entertainment ecosystem where everything is overtly and painfully made obvious, Repertory Philippines’ Betrayal is a rare chance to be attentive and discerning as an audience. Its introspection of human nature as wily and of intimacy as organic attraction makes Betrayal a play that contains multitudes in every beat.”
- Nina Venus, Adobo Magazine

"Perhaps why Harold Pinter’s Betrayal was adapted to various theaters globally. Repertory Philippines’ version through LIRIO is a noteworthy accomplishment for the Filipino audience."
- Axl Guinto, Star Magazine

“The Filipino experience, in the case of Betrayal, is not merely tossed around for the sake of lip service. Rather, instead of being shoehorned into the plot, it is seamlessly woven into the very character of the play’s figures—one that it doesn’t even find the need to explicitly mention.”
- Carl Martin Agustin,


James Bradwell , James Cooney , Vanessa White , Regina De Vera , Jef Flores

Playwright: Harold Pinter
Director: Victor Lirio
Assistant Director: Uriel Villar
Set Designer: Miguel Urbino
Lighting Designer: John Batalla
Sound Designer: Fabian Obispo
Costume Designer: Becky Bodurtha
Executive Producer: Mindy Perez-Rubio
Production Manager: Patricia Lois Gregorio
Technical Director: John Batalla
Stage Manager: Jerome Aytona
Assistant Stage Manager: James Vincent Carreon
Associate Set Designer / Scenic Artist: Julia Pacificador
Associate Costume Designer: Zenaida Celdran
Wardrobe Supervisor: Tess Andallaza
Lighting Technician: Pabling Salvador
Sound Technicians: Paolo Pador, Pol Roxas
Sound Operator: Aldous Mercado
Publicity Photos: Richard Lakos