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Wendy, whose secret birth name is "Zena," is a negro-identified woman who is passing for white. Suddenly, on a "white hot day in August," she crosses paths with her Black husband from the past.

AUDELCO AWARD nominations:
Best Dramatic Production of the Year, Best Play

"Under Victor Lirio’s lyrical direction, Gin Hammond manages to artfully show Zena’s conflict, and not just her artifice; Obie Award Winner Ron Cephas Jones, using Reuben’s past shame to motor his present determination, gives a performance of fierce honesty ... Deftly layering melodrama over a headier look at the invention of identity, NOON DAY SUN shines brightly." - Aaron Riccio, Time Out New York Critic's Choice
(Featured on NBC's Saturday Morning Show)

"Victor Lirio sure-handedly directs this stark material …"
- David Finkle, Theatermania

"I see at least 100 shows a year, but rarely do I walk out of the theatre feeling as uplifted as I did after seeing this provocative, beautifully acted play Monday night. It was the rare experience of seeing a production that is first rate in every way. NOON DAY SUN is theatre at its transforming best. Cassandra Medley’s play, under the insightful direction of Victor Lirio, is involving from start to finish. NOON DAY SUN gives human faces and human hearts to the issues of racism and the search for identity."
- Retta Blaney, Drama Desk Critic


Gin Hammond , Ron Cephas Jones , Melanie Nicholls-King , Penelope Lowder , Michael McGlone , David Newer

Playwright: Cassandra Medley
Director: Victor Lirio
Set & Lighting Designer: Maruti Evans
Sound Designer: Betsy Rhodes
Costume Designer: Arnulfo Maldonado
Costume Assistant: Tracy Klein
Production Stage Manager: Kathryn Hayzer
Stage Manager: Nick Tochelli
Assistant Stage Manager: Nino Spallacci
Technical Director: Vadim Malinsky
Production Assistant: Edwin Noyola
Producer: Natasha Marco
Marketing: Martha Zamirski
Associate Producer: Lindsay Aleshire
Press: Janet Appel
Production Photos: Carlo Damocles